Thursday, August 9, 2012

Taters.......Where did they go?

 Last night I was really craving a big, baked potato. I looked in the huge bowl that I keep potatoes and onions, and yep, you guessed it, 3 smaller white potatoes and 6 big onions.

Well dang.

There's four of us and one daughter is so ravenous from her daily volleyball practices that she eats like a lumberjack. The first thing she says to me when I walk in the door is "hhuunnnggrry!!!".

What to do, what to do? I didn't want to go to the store either.

So, I made 6 halves of twice baked potatoes. Ta da!! Just basic too, little butter, sour cream, cheese and scallions. I didn't photograph them though because they were so puny.

But the next time I get some bakers, which will probably be today because I'm still craving taters, I am going to make Sherron's recipe below from her Simply Gourmet Blog. Totally loving her version but I may have to change it up.

Simply Gourmet…Where food, family and friends gather.: 30. Potato Skins, Spinach and Cheese

What a great idea for using potato skins. Plus I like the idea that you can really change up the initial ingredients. This is the inspiration for my Cheesy Zucchini skins, since that particular veg is exploding in our garden right now.