Monday, March 4, 2013

MeatBall Patty Grinders

This last weekend was one of the nicest, sunniest weekends we've had this Winter. It actually got up into the 30's and with the sun shining it made it seem even warmer. 

DH and I were able to go Saturday and run some errands and we both just wore fleeces. So nice to not have to wear big down jackets and gloves just to run to the grocery store!

On Saturday we celebrated My Mom's 75th Birthday!! She is why I love to cook and share. Thank you mom for filling all our lives with your Grace, Beauty and Wit all these years.... and here's to many more!!

Mom-Jewella Deffebach
Sunday was a lazy day for us, we watched some TV and movies and read. My kind of Sunday. (Of course some laundry and cleaning was mixed in there as well-otherwise I'd never stay caught up!)

After watching a show on the Cooking Channel it inspired me to make my riff on a Meatball Sub. 
Now we all love Meatballs and they are great on a cheesy bun, slathered with Marinara sauce....but dang it, they are hard to eat. 
It's kind of like that one scene in Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts, they can be Slippery little Devils!!! (I Love that scene with the Escargot!!) 

So......I decided to make my Meatballs into.....wait for it........


I easy it that? I think this would be great even with Pasta
Sorry to all those Noni's rolling over-that may be going to far. 

But family thought they were great and said it was so much easier to eat and they preferred them this way in the future!! 

Okay then, I'm on board. 

I first made up my Meatball mixture and let it cool and do it's thing in the frig for a couple of hours (old secret-shuhhhh!).

Once I was ready, I split some nice soft buns that had a great chew and sprinkled them with Mozzarella cheese. 
Just broil these until the cheese is melty and bubbly. DON'T forget about them!!!

When you're ready, shape the meat mixture into oblong patties and put into a unheated skillet. 
 Turn the flame or heat to medium, and cook until browned and totally cooked through, about 6-8 minutes per side depending upon the thickness. 
Place the patty's on a cheesy bun and slather with some marinara and serve extra on the side for dipping. 

 You know you want one!!!!

1 lb. Ground beef
1 lb. Ground Pork or Italian sausage
1 egg
2 cloves Garlic, minced or pressed
1/2 cup Panko or bread crumbs
1/2 cup Parmesan Cheese
1/4 minced Fresh Parsley
Salt and Pepper to taste
8 slices of Provolone or use Shredded Mozzarella
4 soft, chewy buns or rolls. 
Marinara-homemade or your favorite jarred.       

  1. In a mixing bowl, mix the beef and pork with the egg, garlic, cheese parsley panko and salt and pepper, until mixed. Don't overmix, try to keep it light and loose. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate 1 hour to overnight to let flavors meld. 
  2. Slice rolls nearly through and place cheese on each side. Place on a baking sheet and set aside. 
  3. Heat Marinara on low heat in a small sauce pan. 
  4. Shape meat into patty's the shape of the buns/rolls you are using. Be generous, these shrink a little. Place into a cold skillet and turn heat to Medium. Cook until browned on each side and heated through, approximately 6-8 minutes per side, depending on thickness. 
  5. Meanwhile broil buns/rolls until cheese is melted and bubbly. Don't Forget Them!!!
  6. Place a cooked patty on each bun and slather with a tablespoon or two of the heated Marinara. Serve extra Marinara on the side for dipping
*Using this amount of meat makes 6-8 patties. You can always save the leftover meat if you make less and make Meatballs later, just freeze or refrigerate the meat. 
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Woohoo!!! This is my 100th post on my Blog!!! Thank you for looking, and giving me the inspiration to continue!!Here's to many, many more!