Monday, March 25, 2013

Ranch Ham & Cheese Mini Calzones

These babies are the bomb! For anyone who likes ranch, ham or cheese, this is the ticket.

And what took me so long to get on the frozen bread dough wagon? I mean not everything has to be from scratch, right?

Fade to an image of my mom giving me a horrified look, and wagging her finger back and forth at me.

Nah, come on. I have made tortillas but there are so many better ones out there that I can buy, and pretty cheap I might add, that I don't feel bad in the least. And no, I do not make all my own bread, mayo, peanut butter, soy sauce or butter.

So there, I feel better now.

I had frozen bread rolls in my freezer and I thought one day on my lunch hour, "I can take these out and thaw them and make mini Calzones tonight". I have found that if I don't think ahead like that, dinner may just be mac 'n cheese, and not necessarily out of that blue box. (I buy whatever brand is cheapest-since I don't eat it)

 I had seen something similar on The Pioneer Woman.

So, I had ham, cheese and decided to add a dollop of ranch. Ergo~~

These are so easy, but you do have to kinda prep a little in advance.
Like spray a baking dish and place those little frozen bread balls in it and cover with plastic wrap that you've sprayed also and set aside to thaw and rise slightly for about 4-5 hours. (or you could plan ahead better, unlike me, and do this the night before and put the dish in the frig).

When ready, slightly flour your board or counter and roll those babies out to about 6" circles. Heap some cut up deli ham and your favorite cheese (I used Meunster), and add a dollop of ranch dressing.

Fold each circle over and roll and pinch the two sides together to make a tight seal.
I brushed mine with a little melted butter, but you don't have to Oh just do it.

Pop them in a preheated 375F oven and bake for about 15 minutes or until golden brown and poofy.
Serve extra ranch dressing on the side for dipping. 
Now go buy that frozen bread dough!!
Recipe adapted from:The Pioneer Woman