Friday, March 1, 2013

Toaster Hamburger Buns!!

I know, you're going........... say what???

I swear I haven't seen this done anywhere, it's like I just all of a sudden had a V-8 moment. You know, head slap, THUNK!!

I was making a quick meal for the 2 teens in our home cause they were both getting ready to jet off in different directions and I thought how can I toast these hamburger buns without using more butter or fat and dirtying another pan?

My toaster!!! Duh.

Sheesh, I've only had this toaster for about 12 years, you would think I'd know by now what it's capable of, but.....guess not. 

It's a nice 4 slot toaster ( at one time we had a busy home of 4 children and 2 adults, not counting all their friends), made by GE. 

And believe me it's gets plenty of use.  

It has lots of buttons, that I obviously don't bother to use. One of them is a TADA!!!!.....Bagel Button. 

NO, not a Bagel Button. Yessiree Bob a Bagel Button. 

Meaning...hellooo, it only toasts on ONE SIDE. Bells ring, cannons shoot, birds sing.   

Yeah, get what I mean. The light went on!
 See the half Bagel images on the front of the toaster. Yeah, I must have too much going on to not have figured this one out sooner. Ahem......

Anyway, set them to medium, meduim-dark and depress the levers. And don't do what I did the first time and FORGET to push the magic Bagel Button. 

Hehe......Both sides got dark. Whoopsie. 

Push the Bagel Button and behold..............
Perfectly toasted buns. I know, mine are a little dark, but they were nice and soft inside!

*This recipe is shared on The Country Cook-Weekend Potluck #56