Monday, November 18, 2013

Everyday Riches and Rewards

This past 2 months have been a whirlwind of activity, with 2 teens at home, their work and sport schedules, both parents are employed full-time and having one adorable pet.

Needless to say, we aren't much different than millions of families in the US. 

But at times, it takes reflection, to unravel how busy our lives are and to find the daily rewards and richness that are there. 

Our second oldest daughter is a senior this here come senior pictures, senior prom, college visitations, etc, etc. 
She is planning on becoming a Medical Doctor specializing in Neonatal Medicine.
As I wonder what happened to make that precious little girl grow up so fast, she is on the cusp of beginning her life at college. Say what!!!

#3 Red head

Mcki at 17

Our oldest daughter is engaged to be married to one of the nicest guys in the world, they are busy planning this epic day and in less than a year I gain another son!!

Jordan(#2 red head) and Steven
Yes, my oldest girl is a goof, like her mom. 

And our son, Tyler, the first born, is in graduate school near Boston. 
We have lost him to the East Coast and to a wonderful girl named Chantal. 
Together they'll travel the world.

 Tyler-#1 red head

Our youngest daughter is an awesome, talented volleyball player as well as an astute student (major requirement in our home!). Following her games and tournaments have filled our lives for 5 years now. 

She is a sophomore in high school and is on the varsity team for volleyball-quite a feat for this town, where volleyball is held in an almost reverent status. (We are the reigning Conference champs for 10 consecutive years and have gone through Regional to State for the past 4 years). So...needless to say these up and coming girls had very big shoes to fill.

And fill it they did, doing a spectacular job of continuing the tradition. 

This Picture shows their absolute joy in defeating a tough opponent.                          Photo courtesy of Kelly Gau Studios
Photo courtesy of Albert Lea Tribune
 Excellent blocking skills!
Photo courtesy of Albert Lea Tribune
 Yes, I am a little partial to #18!!
Photo courtesy of Albert Lea Tribune

Madison-out of uniform

We are so proud of all the girls that participated, the many fans, friends and family that came and supported them in their quest. 

Photo courtesy of Kelly Gau Studios
 They fought hard until the end and finally it did come to an end, against a team ranked second in the state. This picture speaks volumes to me about the team and "family" atmosphere these girls shared this season, even with the anguish of defeat on their faces, they are coming together.

So in retrospect, I realize that no matter what happens in our lives, it is always possible to find the richness and rewards given to us on a daily basis. 

Because of this we are able to go on and face each and every day....
and I am so very thankful for the richness and rewards given to me by my children and loving husband, I am one lucky girl.