Thursday, March 20, 2014

Veggie Ranch Shooters

Eighteen years ago, she was born and time moved at a snails pace. 

Then she was one, three, five and all of a sudden the years started to fly by. Literally, zoom past me.

All the while my children were growing, and number three child, McKinley-known as McKi to almost all, was fast approaching her high school graduation. 

And then...


It's almost here. Tonight was her Senior Expo. An event at her school that has each and every Senior student doing a public presentation on a field, subject or idea that interests them. They are required to speak knowledgeably on what they choose. They need to use graphics, Powerpoint and such to support them and also have examples.  

McKi chose to do a presentation on Knitting. She taught herself to knit over a year ago and has since been active in the Knitting Club as well as teaching others to knit. She has made mittens, hats, scarves, headbands, dog sweaters, dish cloths and so much more. She has made things per order for paying customers even!

Every family was to contribute 2 dozen cookies, bars or some sort of baked good to share (we live in a small community, there are 68 kids in her graduating class). 

Needless to say, I don't even try and compete with the ladies in this community when it comes to baking. Oh gad no!

So instead I decided to bring something a little "lighter". With a decided "crunch factor" that did not involve popcorn or a cookie crust. 

Yeah, it had vegetables in it and you know what, that's okay. Because...


Gone, poof, blink, zippo, no more. 

So...har har hardy har, not everyone likes a 500 calorie, sugar laden bar.

Now, I like sweets now and then, given the choice though, I'd dip  veggies in ranch any day. 

So maybe I'll make these babies for her graduation open house...

If you're not into slicing the vegetables yourself (really?), I would assume you could convince your neighbor, maybe a friend or just buy them pre-sliced in the produce section. 

Otherwise these babies are a no brainer. 

I bought 3 oz plastic cups, a big bottle of a mainstream Ranch dressing, and used assorted veggies cut into 3-4" sticks. The grape tomatoes are just skewered on a toothpick in order to "float" above the dressing. 

Feel free to sub in radishes, sugar snap peas, cauliflower or broccoli florets, or any veggie you like to dip.

Pour about a tablespoon of dressing in each cup and fill with veggies. 

That's it!

They're portable, no one has to worry about double dipping, and totally customizable.