About Me

I am so glad you came to visit! I love to cook and share and what a great place to do both. 
I grew up in the San Francisco bay area-Berkeley hills- and as a teenager my parents moved to the beautiful area of Redding in northern California.
All the years I lived in California (35) were spent outdoors. Swimming, hiking, backpacking, water skiing, snow skiing, hunting, you name it.
Perfect environment for it.
Then, after a few catastrophic bumps in life, I followed the Light of My Life-my DH- and we moved back to North Central Iowa, where he had grown up. 
Shock, dismay, and then I just kind of settled into small town America life. 
I live in a small rural town of 2000. There is one school for K-12, no stop lights and the city limits are a mile square. 
But, I learned that people of the Midwest are some of the nicest, friendliest people you could meet. I also learned that if you are not born here, you are always referred to as from somewhere else. I am not known as Craig's wife, I am referred to as Craig's wife from California.
It's okay, that way I can't lose my roots, right?
Well, it's those same roots that helped to make me the cook and foodie I am today. 
Growing up in an environment that celebrates not only diversity in ethnicity and cultures but also in food. And my mom and I along with family and friends, always had a great time shopping and eating all kinds of foods. 
I hope that translates into what I share here. Living in the Midwest has definitely flavored my cooking repertoire as well. That's when you'll probably see some easy, quick prep meals and hearty dishes.
I called my blog SourdoughNative in reference to my foodie background and the new experiences I have exploring this part of my life. 
It's a challenge sometimes, but I'm up for it. 

Warm regards,