Thursday, December 19, 2013

One Pot Pizza Pasta Bake

You know, sometimes everything just kinda falls into place. 

I know, most days it's like being on a crazy circus ride with all that we need to do each day with work, kids or other commitments. Especially this time of year. 

Last night I came home from work with the idea to make a easy baked pasta. 
Not really relishing the idea of dirtying all kinds of pots and pans to accomplish it though. So I made it my mission to try and create this really tasty and easy dish in just one pot...

It just blew me away, and also my family, how darn good it is. 

Made me wonder why on earth I have been boiling pasta, cooking the meat and sauce separately and then combining it in a casserole dish all these years. 


Seriously, I made this in a stainless steel, 5 quart covered pot. Similar to this one..

First browning and crumbling the sausage and then just throw everything else in the pot, uncooked pasta and all, and bake. 

Oh and by the way....I had this baby in the oven in less than 20 minutes, more like 15. 

Easy peasy, one pot to wash and it makes a really substantial recipe. 

This time I just used meat, but in the future you can bet I'll be adding all my favorite pizza toppings as well. 

 Come know you want to see the recipe...


16 oz. Italian Sausage Links-I used a chicken sausage, casing removed
3 oz. Pepperoni, chopped
3 oz. Canadian bacon or Ham, chopped
3 oz. Bacon, crumbled-opt.
1 24 oz jar Pasta or Marinara sauce
3 cups water
½ cup Red Wine-opt.
½ tsp Oregano
½ tsp Basil
1 tsp Pepper
12 oz. Penne or other small tubular pasta, dry-uncooked
½ cup Parmesan cheese-shredded

*Alternatively, add in your favorite pizza topping: mushrooms, olives, peppers, onions and so on.


1.    Preheat oven to 350F.
2.    In a large covered oven proof pot over medium heat, brown and crumble the sausage. Add in pepperoni and bacon and ham.
3.    Season with oregano, basil and pepper.
4.    Add in sauce, water and wine if using.
5.    Stir in pasta, cover and bake for 20-25 minutes.
6.    Remove and stir, sprinkle Parmesan over all, cover and bake an additional 5 minutes. 

This recipe is shared on My Link Parties

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